If you’re looking for a high-performance, resource-efficient and stylish long-finger biking glove for summer, you will love the MALVEDO from ROECKL SPORTS’ ECO.SERIES. Especially due to its innovative thin and lightweight padding called BIOcore, a foam made from 45% renewable, plant-based materials. This environmentally friendly, durable damping system developed exclusively by ROECKL SPORTS stands for first-rate hand support and a high degree of tactility on the handlebar. This glove’s great wear comfort is enhanced by the seamless COMFORT-INNOVATION padding between thumb and index finger and the clever ERGONOMIC CUT with a fastener below the palm. The backhand made from elastic, robust and breathable Revolutional Eco Lycra with ECONYL® (a yarn consisting of 100% recycled nylon waste) feels just as soft and supple as the palm and soft-wipe thumb made from ECO.SENSE®. This durable, non-slip textile consists of 60% recycled polyester and 40% conventional polyester. By the way, the thumb and index finger are TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE: A special suede material made from 60% recycled materials lets you use your smartphone while wearing your gloves. And last but not least, there’s this model’s look: natural, sporty, modern. Embossed design elements on the backhand highlight this glove’s sporty charisma, and the ROECKL logo made from recycled wood processing waste with individual grain makes each and every MALVEDO a truly unique piece!
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